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Permits and Forms

Permits and Forms

The East Side Highway District requires all approaches to be permitted. Please follow these steps:

 1. Please read, sign and return the attached permit by mail or in person with the $250.00 fee for an approach permit of $350 for a Utility or Encroachment permit. We accept check or cash (no cards). 

2. Please have the proposed access marked, and once it is marked, please call to let us know the site is ready for inspection. 

3. Once the site is inspected and the Foreman has signed the temporary portion of the permit (in the lower left corner of the permit) you may construct the approach. 

4. Once the work is completed, please call us at (208) 765-4714 and let us know the work is done and ready for final inspection and approval.

If you review the attached documents and have any questions or concerns, please contact the Foreman.

Load Limits are as follows: 

  • 10,000 lbs maximum on steering axle. Tires must be 9 inches in width or greater.
  • 300 lbs maximum per inch of width for all tires that are not on a steering axle. 
  • 25 MPH maximum speed limit for all trucks whether loaded or empty. 

The following are exceptions to posted vehicle weight and speed restrictions as allowed by Idaho Code 49-1005:

  • Vehicle weight and speed restrictions shall not apply to emergency vehicles or school buses;
  • Providers of essential services shall be allowed to apply for a permit that will allow the provider to haul half-loads at restricted speeds. Each vehicle must be issued a separate permit. Each vehicle must have a valid permit on board during vehicle operations. Failure to comply with the conditions of this permit will revoke the permit and result in full weight enforcement under Idaho Code 49-1005. The following vehicles are entitled to apply for essential permits: providers of heating fuel and propane, hay or feed providers, septic pumping services, and garbage trucks.

Calculating GVW

The tire size is written on the side of your tires. The first set of numbers give the tire width. Example: 295/75R 22.5. The first number is 295. The metric conversion table below indicates that it is 11.60 inches in width and that equates to 3,480 lbs per tire. 

You then need to calculate per axle weight, this is how the law is enforced. Example: If you are figuring for a 10 wheel truck, the steering axle has a 10,000lb maximum and the remaining 8 tires (4 tires per axle at 3,480 per tire = 13,920) x two axles = 27,840 lbs. Add the steering axle of 10,000 lbs for a total FVW of 37,840 lbs. 

Remember: the vehicle will be weighed by axle. In this example the axle weight from front to rear can NOT exceed: (Steering axle – 10,000lbs) (Front drive axle – 13,920 lbs.) (Rear drive axle – 13,920 lbs.)


conversion charts:

millimeters to inches

165mm = 6.5 in

175mm = 6.89in

185 mm = 7.28in

195 mm = 7.68in 

205 mm =8.07in

215mm = 8.85in

225mm = 9.25in

245mm = 9.65in

255mm = 10.00in

265mm = 10.40in

275mm = 10.80in

285mm = 11.20in

295mm = 11.60in

lbs per tire

6.50 x 300 = 1,950 lbs per tire

6.89 x 300 = 2,067 lbs per tire

7.28 x 300 = 2,184 lbs per tire

7.68 x 300 = 2,304 lbs per tire

8.07 x 300 = 2,421 lbs per tire

8.45 x 300 = 2,535 lbs per tire

8.85 x 300 = 2,655 lbs per tire

9.25 x 300 = 2,775 lbs per tire

9.65 x 300 = 2,895 lbs per tire

10.00 x 300 = 3,000 lbs per tire

10.40 x 300 = 3,120 lbs per tire

10.80 x 300 = 3,240 lbs per tire

11.20 x 300 = 3,360 lbs per tire

11.60 x 300 = 3,480 llbs per tire 

Standard U.S. Tires

These are easier. Example: a tire size marked 11R22.5 is 11 inches wide. 11 x 300 = 3300 lbs per tire. 3300 x 4 tires per axle = 13,200 lbs per axle. 

Although the total GVW with this size tire is 36,400 lbs, a 10 wheel truck with 11R22.5 tires can NOT exceed by axle: (Steering axle – 10,000 lbs.) (Front drive axle – 13,200 lbs.) (Rear drive axle – 13,200 lbs.)

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